Next Top Model

My name is Jorge pla and I want to introduce my new proposal for the world of fashion, my goal is not to leave you indifferent


Jorge Pla (Jorge Pla Vallve de Aviles) born in Barcelona , Spain on the 8th of May of 1992.22 years of age Jorge is a talented professional fencer competing on a regular basis at various world championships, at the same time he studies agricultural engineering.His main passions are nature, literature, history, philosophy, painting and arts in general among a lot of others.


My first works were for Vogue Netherlands in the article "Black Body" with the model Ymre Stiekema and under the watchful eye of the photographer Nico Bustos, a photo shoot for the magazine DSECTION under the title "Modern Heroes" and a promotional video for Adolfo Dominguez together with Patrick Petitjean. I also made my own portfolio of photo sessions with emergents and talented photographers such as Xavi and Victor Gonzalez Grau.